Your Home Defines You: Style Your Goan Abode the Right Way

Goa is the land of beautiful beaches and mesmerizing scenic beauty along with impeccable architecture reflected in the churches and the forts. An undying part of India, Goa has a vibe that is difficult to find in any other part of the country. A Portuguese colony for over four and a half centuries, the place still has traces of the cultural and aesthetic influences from Europe. The rich cultural heritage makes Goa not just an important tourist attraction but also a gem of world-heritage architectural masterpieces. Over time the architecture of Goa became an amalgamation of Indian, Islamic and Portuguese trends.

Homes are known to define you as an individual. In other words, they are the reflection of your personality. They also serve as the best place to inculcate the essence of your city in your daily life. The flats in Goa provide you with an ambience that is a strong reflection of the city’s charisma. If you are looking to replicate the laidback and soothing vibe of Goa at your abode, there are certain tricks that you need to become familiar with.

Follow these tips,n  and you are sure to achieve the perfect Goan home!

  1. Pick the typical Goan architectural features: The homes of Old Goa can be broadly classified into the homes of Portuguese origin and homes of Indian origin. Portuguese origin homes are often two-storeyed and include a large veranda or an entrance porch which is locally known as the balcao and faces the street. The porch also serves as a sitting area, offering protection from extreme sunlight and heavy rains.
  2. Paint in bright colours: The facades all across Old Goa are painted in bright colours such as yellow, pink, blue and peach. They are also elaborately detailed with designs such as stucco moulding around windows and intricate railing designs in cast iron.
  3. Clay tiled roofs: A trademark of Goan homes, it is best to design your homes with sloping clay-tiled roofs. These are set on a framework of wooden joists and rafters and have been used since time immemorial.
  4. Patterned floor: All traditional Goan homes have patterned flooring. Brightly coloured cement tiles are used to create a vibrant appeal. If you want to replicate the vintage, old-world Goan charm in your home, it is best to choose patterned tiles.
  5. Local building materials: Consider using local material such as laterite for construction or cladding within your homes. Laterite makes for an excellent material that works best in the weather conditions in Goa. This helps provide a vernacular feel to your furnishing or the house in general.
  6. Include a courtyard: Always include a courtyard while you design your ideal Goan abode. It helps provide an inside-outside connection which is typical of Goan homes. Surround it with arches and pillars for appealing aesthetics within the house. You can use patterned tiles in the courtyard to make it bright and classic. Another way to enhance the courtyard is to plant a tree or bonsai representing a traditional aangan.

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