Why Birdhouses Make a Great Feature to Your Garden

Everyone wants to live in a house that looks like a fairy tale. A beautiful-looking garden makes the place perfect. There’s no great-looking house without having a lawn, flowers, trees, and bushes that look amazing.

Creating such a heavenly piece inside your home is not an easy job. It takes a lot of dedication and devotion. You need to work hard every day to make it look like this. Even when you’re done, you might feel like something’s still missing. There’s always something that feels like missing.

One of the things that might be missing is the birdhouse feature. A lot of people don’t like this idea, but it is worth installing in your yard. It’s affordable and takes no space. You can place it either on one of your trees, or make it stand alone.

If you’re hesitating about getting one, take a look at our five reasons why to get one. You might find inspiration and make up your mind. Follow up to learn more about why getting a birdhouse is a great thing to do for your garden.

1. They make your garden look like part of nature

Birds come and go whenever they feel like it. Since there are people around, they are not feeling so free to come by anytime. They are wild and they are afraid for their safety. However, if you attract them with something, they’ll visit more often. Learn more about birds here.

The only that attracts birds is food. If you provide food for them, they’ll be happy to come and even eat from your palm. You can’t stand on the window all the time, though. That’s why you should live them some food on a place they can see it.

Birds have excellent sight, and they’ll easily spot some. Place the food on the birdhouse. Leave some outside, and some of it inside the house. Day after day of this practice and the little fellows will know that there’s always some food on this place.

They’ll visit often and make this place part of their daily routine. Thus, make your yard a place where they spend lots of their time. They’ll get accustomed and feel good there. Make sure you live some water too, and you’ll always feel like you’re in a high mountain spot instead of your backyard.

2. You always get to hear the beautiful song of the birds

Is there something more beautiful than waking up in the morning and listening to the beautiful song of the sparrows in your backyard? Instead of listening to the neighbors argue, or turning on the volume of your radio, you can just relax with their beautiful chatter.

The more of them you have in your backyard, the more lovely it will be. For this, you can install a few different birdhouses, so you can let everyone get some of the space in your garden. One place is just great, and it will invite more than one, but having two or three in your garden is a show.

3. You have a different yard than your neighbors

You can rarely see neighbors have birdhouses. Every one of us feels a little competitive when it comes to creating a beautiful lawn, raising some flowers, and generally creating a great garden. Your neighbors will surely have nothing similar to this.

Installing birdhouses in your yard will make you unique. You’ll be the only one on the street that gathers all the birds from around and enjoying their songs. The others will envy. When you do this first, then everyone after you will just be an imitation or a copycat.

4. You help those in need

When the winter comes, birds have a true challenge of finding food. The insects are hiding and people are not going out as much to leave something for them. When the snow falls, it’s even worse. This is the time when lots of them die from hunger.

Having birdhouses in your garden will help them get through difficult times. In nature, only the strongest survive, and you can be the Good Samaritan that will help lots of them grow up to be strong and take care of themselves.

All you need to do is install at least one of the birdhouses we’re talking about, and leave some food there. You don’t have to do this all the time, you can leave some breadcrumbs once a day. Or, as many people do, install one of those dispensers that put out food when there isn’t anymore.

If you do this, you don’t have to get up early in the morning and walk in the freezing snow to the birdhouse so you can leave some food for them. The dispenser will do the job for you. After a few days when it’s completely gone, you can go and replace the missing food.

Seeing the birds happy and well-fed all the time, making sure that they survive through harsh weather conditions is a wonderful feeling.

5. Providing pest and weed control

Aside from this, birds in your garden will be happy to take care of the issues you’re struggling with – pests and weed seeds.

This is what the natural type of diet for birds looks like. They love getting ants and other insects terrorizing your lawn and flowers. They also going to eat the weed seeds before they turn into that annoying plant you can’t get rid of.

It’s kind of a win-win situation for everyone. You provide food and shelter for them, and they provide lovely songs and eat the pests in your backyard. It’s a wonderful relationship between friends. See what birds love eating on the link: http://vireo.ansp.org/bird_academy/bird_diets.html.


These few points tell you why it is great to get one or more birdhouses in your garden and fill them with birds.

You get to enjoy their company and you help those in need by providing food. Your garden looks amazing too and you can enjoy your time off there.