Make Your Own Industrial Design Objects

If you are the kind of person who loves searching for eclectic found objects to use for design purposes, you might be able to increase your success rate by learning how to make your own. A great many of the industrial items you see pop-up in restaurants and galleries can be recreated with the right tools and a little bit of skill. Now that we can learn almost anything we want, for free on YouTube, you might want to expand your hobby into becoming a creator of eclectic industrial objects. Maybe you will even find a market for them.

  • Supply is Running Out: Most of the types of things that people are looking for are from the last century. Up until the 70’s, manufactured goods were made of better materials and were often hand made. These items had a certain charm about them and look great when repurposed for furniture and accents for a room. But obviously the supply of these objects is running out.
  • Metal Tools: Today’s tools are designed for ease of use and accuracy. Whether you want to work with wood or metal, there are tools available that an amateur can master in a relatively short time. Mig welders have made putting metal together nearly a simple as using glue. With a good chop saw, pipe bender, and assorted measuring devices, there is a huge range of projects you can attempt. Even just using gas pipe as a medium, coat racks, table legs, bookshelves and lamps are easily possible. 
  • Woodworking: There is nothing better for your soul than putting the finishing touches on an object you created from wood. Wood is a friendlier medium than metal and it doesn’t hurt as much when you drop it on your foot. But it is also less forgiving than metal. Wood is much harder to put back together again. But like metal there are endless useful projects that you can do. And if you put your metal and woodworking skills together, you are off to the races, recreating whatever you like. 
  • Supply: If you want to do wood or metal working properly, you must find a supplier of specialty materials, which are not easily found at a big box store. Fortunately, there are some excellent hardware and metal suppliers on the Central Coast. The Internet is also a great place to look for just the right metals and tools. Even shipping is easily arranged.

There are so many things that can be done once you have the skills and the tools. And what’s more, you will have the pride of a craftsman and the pleasure of seeing people enjoy your work.