Renovating the Apartment without Heavy Expense: The Best Tips

Moving season is upon us. Whether you move into a house or an apartment, it is possible to decorate your new home to your taste and above all, at a lower cost. Here are the home decor guides to decorate without breaking the bank.

Make A Budget 

Surprise! When it comes to money, it’s about budget. Establish a starting budget for your decoration and try to stick to it by listing your priorities. By drawing up this list, you can start by making major purchases, then you can postpone the purchase of furniture or accessories that will not affect your well-being in the short term.

Rethink Space 

It is not because a small table was placed next to your sofa that it could not suddenly accommodate some plants in your dining room. It is not because the former tenant used such a room for its outdoor storage that you should put all your barda in it, rather than making it a small tea room. Rethinking space means taking the time to really question your desires by rethinking what you already have. It’s time to dream a little and focus on yourself.

The Search Of The User 

New is not trendy and that’s good! Buying used items allows you to make huge savings and above all, to reuse furniture or accessories that could have gone to the dump. Plan your visits to the flea markets since they are often robbed after the moving period and some sellers also inflate their prices according to this traffic.

Likewise, don’t hesitate to sell furniture, appliances and accessories that you no longer think you will need in your new home. Not only will you save their move, but you will replenish your chests for your own purchases.

Dare To Diy 

Strip an old piece of furniture to varnish it or add a touch of color to it, use an old door to make it a work table, use transport pallets to design its bed base, make a macrame to hang a plant: the possibilities are endless when you dare to do things by yourself. The do it yourself (self-made) will also help you build your confidence and increase your sense of accomplishment. Who knows, you may discover a new passion!

Add The Touch Of Color 

A pink wall in one room, a yellow chair in another: a thin touch of color can sometimes make all the difference to make a room unique. Often the touch of paint saves you on sky-high purchases of wallpaper or artwork to fill your walls.

Add Some Green 

Several studies have demonstrated this over time: plants have an impact on living spaces. They lower blood pressure, increase productivity and attention, and also decrease anxiety. To this end, the University of Hyogo in Awaji, Japan, even came to the conclusion that a simple plant on a work desk reduced stress by a certain degree.

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