How to Run Your Refrigerator Effectively? A Few Useful Tips

Our refrigerators are constantly working to keep our food fresh and good to consume. We should take proper care to keep it in good working condition. To make it function optimally, you must consider the following tips, which we are going to discuss in depth.

Check out the door seals

If a refrigerator ages, its door seals lose it elasticity. A loosely fitted seal will allow cool air to leak out and the outside warm air will interfere with the cooling procedure. This will put more pressure on the fridge and uses more energy to keep the inside environment cool.

It is recommended that you must clean them twice a year. You can use toothbrush, baking soda and vinegar to clean it. Also, you must schedule a quarterly maintenance. Professional expertise will help your fridge to last longer. As per the recent electronic standards, there are very few refrigerators that has outdone themselves even without proper maintenance. You can look for such refrigerators on the site

Keeping the coils clean

We tend to ignore the condenser coils and most of the time these coils remain covered with dirt and dust. Nevertheless, the fridge cannot run properly. You must unplug and pull the machine away from the standing unit to clean the coils. You can clean them with small vacuum cleaners or even toothbrush. However, if the coil looks too bad to touch call a professional. It is advised to do this at least twice a year.

Setting the right temperature

Lesser temperature does not mean effective cooling of your food, instead the food items can go bad and dried out completely. Keep it at optimal level as per the outside temperature. It is recommended that you must not go beyond 40 degrees Fahrenheit and the freezer should be always at 0 degrees.

Filling it up

Yes, you need to fill up your refrigerator because refrigeration requires thermal mass. This will ensure that the coils and the gasket are running properly. Cool foods and drinks will help the device to absorb warm air whenever you open the door. If you are eating out most of the time and do not keep much food in the refrigerator, keep it filled with water jugs.

Being prepared

When power cut happens, it is advised to keep the doors closed and use the foods which you usually keep in the pantry. A fridge with properly filled in ice cubes in the freezer can keep the full freezer cool for 48 hours and a half-filled fridge for about 24 hours.