A Guide to Choosing Electric Garage Doors

Much like everything else, garage doors have a lifespan, and if yours have seen better days, perhaps it’s time to consider state of the art electric garage doors, and if you take note when out and about, you’ll see quite an assortment. Much like replacement windows, garage doors are made to measure, so the only restrictions are the size of the aperture and the available space, meaning you have many design options.

Space Saving Designs

The traditional up & over design is tough to beat, with a door that tilts inwards and upwards simultaneously, coming to rest in a horizontal position below the ceiling. This is the most popular of all electric garage doors in the UK, and if you have limited space, this is the choice to make. The single section door can be made from hardwood, aluminium, steel or a composite, and comes in many finished and colours. The electric motor enables very smooth operation, which is silent, and with regular lubrication, the side tracking offers a solid guide.

Roller Garage Doors

Similar in design to roller shutters, although residential roller garage doors are streamlined and with a range of colours, can provide an ideal contrast. The door sections are contained in the overhead casement, and with a closed tracking system, the moving parts are protected from the elements, plus you have remote control, which is super convenient.

Sectional Garage Doors

Relatively new on the scene, automated sectional garage doors are a stunning feature, and as the units are made to measure, search online for a local garage door specialist and ask them to pay you a visit. Only then can you go through the many options and find the best overall design, and with materials, colour and fittings, your new doors can be fabricated off-site and fitted in a single day.

Bespoke Solutions

Rather than looking for something off the shelf, talk to a custom garage door company, who can show you a few designs, and whether your home is rustic or contemporary, there will be a garage door style that is perfect. The electric motor would be under a long warranty and as the doors are fitted by the experts, there’s little that can go wrong, and some designs require a little maintenance, as you would expect.

If you would like to learn more about electric garage doors, an online search will help you make contact with the right company, and with your new garage doors in place, the front of your home will look great!