7 Landscaping Ideas to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

When designed properly, your outdoor space can become an extension of your abode, where you and your kids can relax and have fun, or where you can entertain guests.

From planting perennials and annuals to growing blooming shrubs, there are certainly a lot of things you can do to make this part of your home more appealing and inviting.

Landscaping professionals in Salt Lake City, UT share seven ideas you can try to amp up your outdoor area.

1. Welcome your guests with flowers

Make your guest feel welcomed by having flowers at your entrance. You can choose from perennials and annuals to make sure that your entrance is colorful all year round.

If you have a bit of space between your property and the street, consider having a low fence built around your yard. This will make your house appear farther from the street than it actually is. This will also provide you with additional space for planting vines and flowers.

2. Cultivate vibrant shrubs

Blooms are perhaps the easiest way to transform your outdoor living space. In addition to potted flowers, flowering trees and shrubs will have a huge impact on your yard.

With their evergreen foliage, shrubs certainly are highly useful and decorative. They offer interesting bark, colorful cones or berries, and blooms. And with their size, they provide a great transition between the groundcover plants and tall trees.

3. Add a garden structure

Garden structures, like a trellis or a gazebo, always have a romantic and charming appeal, so consider adding them to your backyard.

A trellis is a lattice-like panel that is either staked in the ground or mounted on a wall. Due to its design, it becomes a lot easier for flowers and climbing vines to grow over it, adding greenery to your outdoor space.

A gazebo, on the other hand, is a huge roofed structure that offers panoramic views because it is open on all sides. This can act as your retreat spot during a hot weather.

4. Consider a water feature

A water feature helps to create a serene mood. Examples would be pools of water that slide over rocks as they emit relaxing and soothing sounds. They may also feature plants that add vibrant hues. Water features can range from waterfalls to brooks and streams that can stretch throughout your yard.

A waterfall is the most dramatic option. You can pair it with a pond or a swimming pool. With a pond, you can integrate fish and aquatic plants. In fact, you can also create a water playground for your kids. But if you have a small yard, consider opting for a wall-mounted fountain.

5. Illuminate properly

Outdoor lighting is important, especially at night, to keep your property safe and secure from burglars and other dangerous individuals. And by adding some mood and accent lighting, you can make evenings outdoors more special.

You can opt for lights that are battery-operated so you don’t have to worry about cords and electrical outlets. String lights are great options as well, especially during holidays.

White-colored lights are a great option for everyday use, but it would be wise to choose lights that give you the option to change colors. This can be helpful in creating a party or festive mood.

6. Add height with baskets and planters

Take a one-dimensional home to the next level by adding attractive layers to your landscape. You can use hanging baskets and elevated planters to create excellent visual interest. This will also give the impression of waves of blooms as they rise and fall on your entire yard. Besides, plants love the aeration and proper drainage that raised planters offer.

7. Revamp your driveway

Your driveway will also play a crucial role in making your outdoor space beautiful and functional. Having a well-paved driveway will keep your shoes and car tires from damaging the turf and other plants. Make sure though to keep trees a bit far from your driveway to prevent their growing roots from damaging it.

A beautiful, well-maintained outdoor space will not just add value and appeal to your home, but will also benefit your health and mood. And the best way to achieve a healthy lawn and landscape is to leave this job to landscaping pros.

In addition to turning these landscaping ideas into reality, experts in lawn care in Salt Lake City, UT can also provide you with tips for maintaining the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space.