Learn More about Fibre Cement Sheeting for Flooring

If you are renovating a building and wish to reduce the effects of moisture damage, you need to investigate the advantages of using sheeting that is made of fibre cement. One of the best building products around is high-density compressed sheeting made of this material. This is an excellent substrate to use for interior flooring in wet areas. You can use this material for upper storeys as well as for buildings that are transportable. In addition, the material can be used for cladding for exterior decking.

How Fibre Cement Sheeting Is Made

Compressed fibre cement sheeting in Brisbane is constructed from fine silica, cellulose fibres, cement, and water. After the ingredients are combined, they are compressed to a high density before being cured in a high-pressure steam autoclave. This type of production process makes the product exceptionally reliable.

The Benefits Associated with Fibre Cement

As a result, anyone using this substrate material for flooring can realise the following benefits:

  • Immunity to water damage
  • Impact resistant
  • Resistant to termite infestations
  • Dimensional stability
  • Non-combustible
  • Easy to work with and install

How the Sheeting Is Installed Inside a Building

Because the product is provided in sheets, it makes it easy to install and apply. Therefore, the labour costs are reduced when this type of product is used. This type of savings is passed on to the customer. When the sheets are installed, the contractor lays the sheet with the long edges of the sheeting across the joints. The ends of the sheeting material are supported in the centre of the joist. When the sheeting is applied inside homes, they are bonded together with an epoxy product.

When the Sheeting Is Used for Decking

If the sheeting is used for decking outside, the contractor usually leaves about a 10mm gap between the sheets to permit movement. He inserts a backing rod into each gap and seals it with a sealant made of polyurethane. The joining of fibre cement sheets varies, depending on the specific application.

Various applications call for reference to specific technical drawings. For example, a contractor needs to refer to a technical drawing to install a shower base or recess and another drawing that details a wet area. Still another drawing may be referenced to review the floor waste detail.

Carefully Review the Installation Requirements

When you have this type of product installed, it is helpful to use the skills of a contractor who is used to this type of installation. That way, you can get the most for your money. Whether you are a homeowner or property developer, it is helpful to review the features of the sheeting material and the details associated with the specific installation requirements.

A High-Quality and Dependable Building Product

The use of fibre cement sheeting today has made a big difference in home projects that require flooring, decking, or cladding. That is why this material should be carefully surveyed. Because it is resistant to fires and infestation, it can greatly add to the value of a structure and make it more liveable. If you want to alter the looks of your home or commercial building and protect it from future damage, this is the material to carefully survey and pick.