Preparing Your Bathroom For An Open House: The Ultimate Guide

If you’re planning on selling your house, it is essential that you prepare each room properly. You have to capture the home buyers’ attention and show them something that they can’t forget.

One of the most important parts of the house is the bathroom. Sometimes, it’s what makes or breaks the deal for you and a home buyer. What most of them want is something pristine so give them what they wish for and exceed their expectations. Show them a relaxing spa-like bathroom.

The amber bottle soap dispenser helps in preventing the soap from drying out and also makes it easy for people to see how much soap they have left.

If you’re setting up an open house, this guide is just for you! So without further ado, let’s get started.

Hide the Toiletries

Toiletries often make the bathroom look cluttered. It is best to hide them during an open house. Put the contact lens kits, toothbrushes, hairspray bottles, loose makeup containers and so on inside the medicine cabinet or under the sink.

Put Out the Nicer Ones

Can you remember those hotel bathrooms that make you want never to leave? Keep those in mind and inspire your bathroom set up in the open house. Put out a great hand soap and lotion duo or triple-milled imported soaps; this will earn you a thumbs up from all the visitors.

Clean Everything

You probably already know this, but you shouldn’t let your potential buyers see scum, mildew or hair around the toilet, sink or tub. Make sure your bathroom is sparkling clean. Try to think of what Martha Stewart would think of your bathroom. Have a checklist with you and inspect the tub, shower door, and the sink. To make the mirrors sparkle, mix water and vinegar and put them in a spray bottle. Afterward, wipe every streak with a microfiber towel or a newspaper.

Get Some Pretty Nice Toilet Seats

If you can’t afford to buy a bidet toilet combo, then get some great toilet seats such as the Kohler Toilet Seats. It will transform your bathroom to make it look sleek and modern. Apart from that, its adjustable temperature and water pressure are sure to gain you a buyer.

Make it Bright

Nobody likes a dimly lit bathroom. It just makes everything look grimy. You wouldn’t want that. So make sure you install some natural light bulbs to make it look bright.

Keep the Toilet Seat Down

Always. Everytime you hold an open house, make sure the toilet seat is down.

Bring In a Bit of Nature

Air fresheners sometimes are too much for the nose. Make your bathroom appear more beautiful with a touch of flowers. Try eucalyptus, hydrangeas, and orchids for a pleasant scent. It will make your home buyers smile.

Stage the Tub

A drawn bath will always look appealing to the eye. Try to stage your tub by putting a few flameless candles around it. Place a book and some stack of towels near it and viola you’ve set up your bathroom. Easy peasy. You don’t have to fill the tub with water.

There you have it. Some tips to guide you set up your bathroom for an open house. Follow these tips and watch your potential home buyers’ eyes light up when they see your bathroom.