What To Do In Case Of Gas Leak

Gas is a very useful substance that humanity benefits a lot from. At the same time, it can be so dangerous and deadly if not treated with maximum care. Liquefied petroleum gas, or just gas, is used for many different needs in our homes. From cooking to heating.

However, LPG can be very dangerous because it is highly flammable. If there’s a leakage in a room and the substance fill the room completely, a simple turning on the light bulb can create an explosion that will tear down the house. That’s why people are advised to handle it with maximum care.

How to know if there’s a gas leak

Gas leakage can not be seen unless its amount is huge in the room. People sense the gas leak by smell. The smell is similar to those of sulfur or rotten eggs. If you can feel the smell in a distance longer than 2 feet, it means the leaking in serious and you need to take serious measures. Here’s what you need to do immediately.

Don’t use the light

It is most important that you mustn’t use the light by any means. Do not turn on the lights, or turn on any fire. Keep even the Smartphone in your pocket. If it is dark, it’s better to get out immediately instead of trying to be a hero. Learn more about the LPG and how it reacts when gets in touch with heat on the following link.

Open the windows

If you feel a gas leak rush to the windows and open all of them. Make sure a lot of fresh air gets in and mix with the rest of the room. Open the front door too and use all methods to create an air flow that will make the substance disperse.

If you manage to make it less dense in the room, chances are smaller for a fire or an explosion. If a lot of it has leaked, the smallest light source and a heating point can create a massive explosion.

Turn off the gas flow

The gas comes through pipes. Pipes have a switch that can turn on or off the supply in your house or apartment. You better know where it is and turn it off immediately. Make sure that no more gets inside from the main source.

We use this in our homes just like water and electricity. The gas comes from a central point and through pipes, it is transferred to our place. Each house and each building apartment has its own main switch. Turn it off.

Inform the neighbors

When you did the previous steps, and if you live in a building, it’s time to inform the neighbors. Chances are small that the same leakage can happen in their places too, but if the problem is serious and professionals must be called, you need to alarm everyone for the situation.

Quickly tell everyone about the problem and make sure no one turns on the lights or make a fire. Evacuate the building at least for a short period of time until the gas is dispersed.

Get out of the premises

Last but not least, make sure you’re safe too. Get out of the building and call the professionals. If you don’t know who, simply google gas leak Houston and find out about the companies doing this type of leakage services.

Don’t look for the pros until you get out of the premises. If you live in a house, get out and be on a safe distance. If needed, get out on the street or even further. If you have houses close to your, alarm the neighbors to do the same.

Call the pros

When you are safe and far enough from the possible explosion, make sure you call 911 to inform about the possible damage and then call a company that is professional in fixing a leak.

It’s not time to be picky, but make sure you find pros that know what they are doing and are total professionals. You don’t want someone getting inside in order to fix the problem and end up getting killed on your watch.