How Are You Accessing Your Loft?

While some people convert their lofts into a living space, other homeowners use their lofts for storage. If you use your loft as storage, you need to make sure that you can access the attic with ease. This can be easily accomplished by using a safe and solid ladder to climb up in your loft.

When you are reviewing loft ladders, you need to make sure that the ladder is sized properly so that you can easily carry contents up to your loft for storage. The ladder should also be designed with a lightweight and strong material, such as aluminium. Some homeowners like pine, as the material, at least from their viewpoint, provides increased stability.

Types of Loft Ladder Materials

The two primary materials used in constructing attic ladders include aluminium and pine. If you choose an aluminium ladder, it usually be encased with pine. Selecting this ladder enables you to also install a finished insulated door. The ladder is made to keep climbers safe, as it displays anti-slip treads along with a safety lock with rod, both which come standard. This type of ladder also features a handrail, again protecting the climber from injury.

Deluxe wood ladders, as noted, are made from pine. They typically come with a finished and insulated door. Dovetail joints fit the ladder treads and stiles for optimum stability. Also, each of the ladder steps have been serrated to keep the climber from slipping. Like an aluminium ladder, a metal rod is a featured as a standard amenity along with a hand rail made of steel.

Budget Ladders for Lofts

If you choose to add a budget ladder, you do not need to use the ladder a great deal. This lightweight and domestic type ladder supports a load rating of about 150 kg. The budget models is simple to open and close, and the wide steps provide added slip resistance.

When making a ladder selection, you need to think about how much you will be using the ladder and what types of items you plan to add to your loft. Ladders should be wide enough to provide the ultimate in support when adding items for storage.

If you are wondering about the price, it usually starts at around $700. That should give you an idea of where to start the selection process. You can easily shortlist your choices by pricing alone. If you want to make an upgrade that will make the most of your home’s space, you cannot go wrong by adding a loft ladder.

Choosing a Ladder for Your Household

You just need to figure out what type of ladder will work within your household. Be careful about pulling out the ladder if you have small children. When adding items to storage, direct your child’s interest to another activity. That way, you will keep him or her safer, as this is not the type of item you want your child to climb. Once you decide on a ladder, you should enquire about installation. Usually, it is better to have the business that sells the ladder install it for you. Any added amount you pay for installation or accessories will be well worth the cost. Contractors can also install attic flooring, if required, as well.