What To Consider When Designing A Home Entertainment Space

While heading to the cinema remains a wonderful activity, modern technology is making home entertainment spaces more competitive. In addition, the window between cinematic releases for movies and their appearance on streaming and digital rental services is becoming smaller, meaning that residents need only wait a small amount of time before being able to see the latest releases on their own big screen at home.

Creating a brilliant home entertainment space requires, however, more than just high-quality technology. This goes for whether residents wish to watch movies, play video games, or simply binge the latest Netflix release. So, before you begin mounting your screen and switching on your speakers, be sure to consider the following living space designs to ensure that your entertainment space is given every possible opportunity to be superb.


Being able to turn your volume up, embracing the quality of your speakers, without becoming a nuisance to your neighbours is important. Soundproofing, however, works both ways and those wanting to ensure they have a great entertainment space, one that allows them to be sutured into fiction worlds without distraction, should pursue soundproofing to eliminate distractions too.

Soundproofing an entertainment space can be done in a number of ways. Single-glazed windows can be replaced with double- or triple-glazed alternatives, furniture and fabrics can be used to insulate against noise, and there are also a number of dense foam options that can be added to walls so as to improve audio insulation.

Light Control

Visual quality of any screen is affected by lighting. Even high-quality projectors and television screens can become worsened by the presence of ambient glow or breaks of natural light. As such, those wanting to recreate the deep darkness of the cinema should endeavour to have absolute control over light in their entertainment space.

Curtains certainly help, particularly those with thick materials, but wooden shutters and other rigid designs are generally more effective. Those without either option can always utilise a blanket!


High-end sound systems will often come with suggested arrangement guides, as will some projectors. The advice these guides share should not be ignored and the layout of a room can make a difference to the comfort of a viewing experience.

To have absolute control over a viewing experience, many residents seek to dedicate entire rooms or outbuildings, such as garden log cabins, to their entertainment set-up so as to be able to position every asset accordingly.


This positioning of assets, especially furniture, suggests another major consideration, which is comfort. Having furniture that ensures individuals are not only able to recline and sit without discomfort but also have an optimum viewing perspective of the screen is crucial.


Cinema experiences are enhanced with the presence of luxurious extras, such as popcorn and other snacks. If you are looking to ensure your entertainment space supports a rival experience, then it should also include similar amenities. Don’t be afraid to add mini fridges, drink holders, and other such assets because they will certainly make a big difference.