What Do You Need To Know Before Buying Grass For Your Garden?

A beautiful and well-kept garden by landscapers green bay wi for example can make any environment more pleasant. Whether in homes or commercial environments, grass plays a prominent role in any landscaping project.

But before buying grass for your garden, it is necessary to be aware of the indications about the different types of grass and the care for each one. With the premise that prevention is better than cure, we will develop a preventive care plan in our garden to reduce the risk of disease and other conditions. With proper maintenance, seeking to provide the plant with the strength necessary to prevent any stress, we will avoid applying phytosanitary products to a minimum, with the reduction in the budget for garden maintenance that this implies.

Place of application:  There are several types of grass, and each one is better suited to each type of climate and soil. When setting up a garden, the most remembered grasses are the Emerald, São Carlos, Santo Agostinho, and Korean grass. The Emerald grass (insert link), however, is usually the most used, as its terrain has solar incidence for most of the day and is still the best option in terms of cost-benefit.

Light or shadow? Being in an environment with adequate lighting is crucial for the health of your grass. According to the landscapers, emerald grass needs sunlight and must be in an environment suitable for its needs. “The emerald grass needs a lot of lighting because it doesn’t develop in places with little light, so much so that it is also widely used on football fields, where lighting is usually abundant,” guarantees the specialist.

Suitable soil:  After choosing where the grass will be applied, the land must be leveled and all rubbish removed. If the soil is infertile and dry, it is recommended to fertilize and fertilize before applying the grass. Both organic (insert link) and chemical fertilizers can be used for fertilization.

 Irrigation:  Until complete rooting, the grass must be irrigated daily. Irrigation should be done automatically, with intervals that vary according to the climate. During the summer, intense temperatures and the sun is present almost daily; the ideal is that the grass is irrigated frequently, at least once a day. During the winter, the interval between irrigations may be longer.

Hire a specialized company:  To be sure that your grass will be ideal and professionally applied in your landscaping project, we recommend contracting a specialized company such as Earth Development for example.


The choice of species should be made depending on the purpose of the lawn, paying attention to the climate and the type of land where the grass will be planted is essential.