Things foreigners should keep in mind before renting a house in Pakistan

Due to several reasons, Pakistan has become an attractive country for foreigners. Those visiting here for recreational purposes need not to worry about the laws pertaining to renting a property as foreigners. While other have to follow a simple procedure. Keeping track of certain details about foreigners in Pakistan, their residence, visa details and specific information about the landlords helps the officials ensure their security.

Before we hop on to the registration process for foreigners renting a property in Pakistan, let’s have a quick look at some basic details on picking the right neighbourhood.

Guidelines for the diplomats

Depending on the nature of your job, you should be cautious about choosing your place of residence. If you are attached with the foreign office, the Government of Pakistan already has an area marked safe and accommodating for your stay. The concerned authority might also share a set of guidelines on activities you should avoid and areas marked safe for frequent or occasional travelling.

It is best to live among your peers, as it will help you with day-to-day chores such as appropriate go-to places for grocery, shopping and hangouts.

Guidelines for other foreigners

As you aware that law governing agencies world over track activities of foreigners, you must follow the protocol communicated to you. This is meant for your own security. In case you are found breaching the law, the relevant office in Pakistan can cancel your  visa, prosecute you and eventually deport and ban you from visiting Pakistan again.

If you aren’t a high-profile foreigner and are staying Pakistan as a student or as an employee in a local or international firm, you might enjoy leverages. In that case too, your activities will be monitored and for your own good. In addition, you should always have record of the places you visit, the people you see and the activities you indulge in.

Not to mention that your embassy in Pakistan should also know about your whereabouts.

The tourists looking to stay in Pakistan for longer than a month also need to follow the rules set for foreigners residing here. That stands true even if they choose to stay in a hotel or a guesthouse.

The need to relax these rules for tourists may arise in the future as Pakistan is keen to promote its tourism sector. As per a report shared by BBC, British Airways has also decided to resume its flight operations for Pakistan. This marks for a drastic improvement in security conditions in Pakistan, especially for the foreigners.

The process to rent a house in Pakistan

The foreigners looking to rent a house in Pakistan need to follow specific legal formalities. In this regard, they are required to share certain information and legal documents with the Pakistan Board of Investment, the Home Department and Trade Development Authority of Pakistan.


The foreigners should always rent a house by hiring an agent or a real estate firm registered with the competent authorities. This makes the follow up process easy for the departments that ensure your during your stay in Pakistan.

In addition, you also need to submit certain documents.

Employment Letter

You need to arrange for a duly signed and attested letter from your employer. This letter should contain details on the company or office (firm, NGO, embassies, INGO or consulate) you work with along with their office address in Pakistan. The application should include details on the kind of residence you need to rent while you stay in the country and the period of intended stay.

Passport and Visa

In addition to the above-mentioned documents, you have to attach a machine-readable and complete copy of your passport and valid visa. Furthermore, the concerned departments also require your six recent photographs.

Other documents

The documentation process with the concerned authority for renting a house in Pakistan requires certain details of other parties involved.  The landowner whose property is being offered on rent to you and the property agent who helped you finalise the property also need to officially on board for the registration process.

A copy of landlord’s and property agent’s Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC) needs to be attached with the application. In addition, the landlord must also provide proof of ownership for the property in question.

Joint agreement

Attach a copy of the joint agreement signed between you, landowner and property agent with your application.

Important information

As per the standard operating procedures shared by the Home Department of Pakistan, the foreigners renting a house in Pakistan need to follow certain rules.

  1. The house will be occupied only by the person (or his family) who signs the contract dead
  2. Any change in the details of the occupant requires signage of a new contract
  3. Report the concerned authority immediately if the contact ends for any reason
  4. Mention in writing that the rented property will not be used for any activities harmful to the state
  5. Violation of these SOPs can result into a police-lead scrutiny, cancellation of visa and investigation leading to deportation.

Following the details shared above should help you safely rent a house in Pakistan. The tricky step here could be finding a reliable property agent to close this deal. Seeking help from can come handy here as the portal is home to countless authentic property agents dealing across Pakistan. Finding an experienced property agent can also mean that he can guide your through every step of the process and make the deal even easier for you.