The Benefits of Building a Granny Flat

If you are considering what to do to accommodate an older relative, one of the best choices is to build a granny flat. If you have the space, and your relative is still mainly independent, a granny flat can be a win-win situation. There are many advantages to going with this solution. Overall, it is better for the mental health of an older person to retain both their independence and their connection to family. But there are additional reasons why it is a good choice.

  • Convenience: When you begin to take on the responsibilities of an aging relative, you will find that more and more you are driving back and forth taking care of several issues. But if they live close to you there will be a considerable saving of time and effort. Just having your relative next door will eliminate many needs, because they will be able to get help and use the conveniences of your house. And, you will always know what they need because of better communication.

  • Costs: Age Care facilities can be very expensive, buying another property are costly too. But building a simple structure on your own property will eliminate several expenses as well as being a budget saver in the future. Granny flats are generally a very simplified design. The cost of construction occur only once, and then the property belongs to you. In house renovations and granny flat constructions can also generate rent if that is how you decide to go. If your relative prefers to share your costs. Either way you are likely to see a return on your investment eventually because you will have an increase in property value, as well as a potential rental unit for later.

  • Peace of Mind: For many people this is the most important reason to build a Granny flat. The closeness of the residence ensures that you can give assistance at a moment’s notice. But more importantly, you will be able to spend more quality time with your relative in their final years.

Most older people want to maintain their independence, but they also like the security of having family close as things become more difficult with old age. It is also nice to be close to the people that you love. From many perspectives, the construction of a granny flat is a choice that will bring a family closer together and make life easier for everyone involved.