Pool Certifiers, Pool Builders, and The Swimming Pool Act of 1992

Do you own a pool? Are you looking to install a pool? Do you live in the Sydney area? The Swimming Pool Act of 1992 was amended in 2013 and again in May of 2021. The New South Wales Government amended the Swimming Pool Act of 1992 to state that all pools must be registered and certified. They amended the act to keep people safe from potential dangers and ensure that the swimming pool meets code.

The Swimming Pool Act of 1992

In this act, the New South Wales Government details the types of pools that fall into their requirements as well as the specific regulations. As stated previously, it was updated and currently mandates that you register and certify your pool. It is sectioned into four parts and multiple sub-divisions regulating commercial and residential pools.

Building a Pool

If you do not have a pool and are looking to purchase and install one, you should ask the builder about the Swimming Pool Act of 1992. Pool builders should know what regulations are important to note during the construction process. For example, the act has different requirements for indoor pools, outdoor pools, residential pools, and commercial pools.

The building company needs to be aware of each regulation to satisfy legal needs. If they do not know what the act is, you should consider choosing a different company. It would be devastating to build a pool and not have enough space for required fencing or your pool is located too close to a door or window, which would require you to remodel your house or relocate your pool.

What If I Do Not Understand the Act?

Accredited swimming pool certifiers in Sydney are knowledgeable on the regulations. You may feel overwhelmed reading through the act and trying to navigate the legal terminology. The pool certifiers are educated and will do it for you. They will advise you on what modifications you will have to make for the pool to pass inspection.

If your pool or spa can be filled with a depth of 300mm or more of water, you need to be certified by an accredited swimming pool certifier. They will ensure that your spa or pool are up to code and meet regulations. If you have a hot tub in your bathroom that is drained after use, you do not need certification. This act was designed to protect children and people from potential accidents, injury, and drowning.