Concrete Slab Leveling With Mudjacking: A Quick Overview!

Settled concrete slabs are unaesthetic and often lead to accidents. Typically, driveways, pavements, and backyards are prone to the problem, and there can be various contributing factors. In most cases, soil-related issues are responsible for concrete settling. If the soil moves underneath the concrete, or there is considerable soil erosion, it can cause the slabs to settle. In some cases, extensive soil erosion and tree roots are causes of the damage. Mudjacking, also called slab jacking, is the traditional way of concrete leveling. In this post, we are discussing the process in detail.

How does Mudjacking work?

In case of Mudjacking, a grout mix is used to raise the concrete slabs. A few holes are drilled into the concrete slab, through which the mixture is poured in, using hydraulic pressure. As the mixture fills up the void underneath, the slab rises back to its original position. The number of holes required depends on the size of the slab and area being repaired.

What are the pros and cons?

First and foremost, mudjacking is the cheapest way to repair concrete slabs, and it works in most cases. If you are low on budget, you can consider this over poly-jacking. In case of the latter, a polyurethane material is injected underneath the slab, which then expands and causes the slab to rise. While poly jacking has some amazing advantages, the material is expensive and the process may require a bigger budget. In contrast, mudjacking material is cheap and can be used for diverse projects.

The problem with mudjacking is usually the process time. It can take hours before you can use the concrete slabs again. The process is also not recommended for areas where the soil underneath is not stable enough.

Final word

Mudjacking continues to be in use and has many advantages for small projects. If you want to think of this as an option, a wise idea is to hire an experienced company and ask them for their insight. Sometimes, the workers can offer a better suggestion on whether mudjacking will work for your project. Also, it is important that the area is inspected and an estimate is offered beforehand, so that you can compare your options better. Experts agree that poly jacking may have some advantage over mudjacking, but it depends on your budget and extent of damage too.

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