Bottling the Sun

Have you ever thought about the type of power that your home is using? Have you ever thought about just how much power your house is using? If you haven’t you shouldn’t feel too bad. There are a lot of people who never even consider it. But, there is an option if you’re looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint and start making a difference in the way you, and your household, use up electricity.

Taking Yourself Off the Grid

Okay, so you probably don’t want to go entirely “off the grid,” right? You don’t want to start living off the land in a little cabin in the mountains somewhere. But, you are interested in making a difference in the amount of electricity you use. That’s where you can take yourself off the power grid, but still stay right in the middle of civilization (or as close to it as you want to be anyway). There are a number of benefits to the process of switching off the electrical grid. Each one of these benefits is about the way that you make out in the end, too.

  • Less contribution to greenhouse gases
  • Lowered electric bills (usually)
  • Possibly get paid for electricity
  • Get a lump sum subsidy for installation

The Solar Panel Cure

If you’re thinking about going off the electric grid, then what you’re actually looking at is switching to a solar panel battery in South Australia. Solar power means that you would be using the sun to get the electricity that your family needs. It’s done through a process, but even though the setup takes some time, it’s actually not as difficult as you might think, and you’re not responsible for anything, but signing a few papers.

The solar panels are installed right onto your roof or on the side of your house or in a sort of “garden” on the side of your house. These panels need to be wherever the sun is, so that’s going to impact how they are installed. How many are installed will depend on what you’re really looking for. A large home may require more solar panels to get enough power. If you’re looking to sell some of your power you may need even more. On the other hand, there may be rules about how many panels you can have in or around your home.

Once the panels are installed, then they are hooked into your current wiring and electrical panels. That way, the sun shines down on the panels, the panels then collect the sun’s heat, which turns it into electricity, the electricity flows through the wires in your home, and you get power to any devices that you want. Even better, in some areas, you may collect more electricity through those solar panels than you actually need to power your own home. That electricity can, sometimes, be sold back to the power company because they then sell it to someone else. In the end, everyone is going to win. The planet, you, and the electric company.