Benefits to a Single-Storey House

One of the most common questions faced by future homeowners is whether to design a one-storey home or opt for one with multiple levels. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, but the point of this article is to talk about why you should choose a single-storey home.

Works for All Ages

A single-storey option is the best choice for people who don’t wish to move out of their homes as they get older or those who are thinking about caring for their aging parents. As we get older, mobility becomes an issue, and many of us will find it easier to get around with the assistance of walkers or wheelchairs.

Those walking devices aren’t very useful in homes with multiple levels. Young children are also better accommodated in a single-storey home because of the dangers that stairs present in terms of falls.

Easier to Maintain

Perhaps the best thing about the one-storey house plan (known as แบบแปลนบ้านชั้นเดียว in Thai) is how easy it is to maintain. Although it’s physically possible for us to climb stairs when we are younger, it doesn’t mean that people want to do it. When there are multiple levels in the home, most families find that the routine cleaning upstairs tends to get neglected because nobody wants to constantly climb up the stairs.

Outside maintenance is also more difficult with multiple levels because the upper areas are almost impossible to reach, so windows might not get cleaned as much. With a single storey, all parts of the exterior can be reached with a ladder. Not to mention, costs for maintaining a single storey are cheaper than multiple levels.

More Energy Efficient

A single-storey house layout is easy to heat and cool. Most modern single-storey house designs include communal living space in the centre, surrounded by more private areas such as bedrooms and offices.

A design such as this allows heated and cooled air to circulate freely. Multiple-storey house designs, on the other hand, need more complicated and expensive HVAC systems. Not to mention, hot air rises to the upper levels, so it costs more to cool in the summer.

Can Add Additions

It’s quite simple to add additions such as a deck, sunroom, or additional bedrooms to a single-storey home plan if you have a large enough lot. A two-storey home, on the other hand, will need structural study and cautious extension planning. Many single-storey home plans benefit from the simplicity of expanding outside living areas, resulting in a strong indoor/outdoor link.