What Is a Jarrah Deck?

Decks are a pleasant addition to many houses. Families can enjoy a sunny afternoon, grill a dinner in the evenings, and increase the overall space that a family has to do family activities. Having a well-maintained deck can also increase the property value of a house if you’re looking to sell. For those looking to add decks to their houses, many questions arise. How large should the deck be constructed? How much space do I have? What kind of wood should the deck be?

What Kinds of Woods Are There for Decking?

When the time comes to build a deck, there’s multitudes of species of wood to choose from. Some people may not think that the type of wood matters when it comes to decking but they are mistaken. The kind of wood used while building a deck will determine what the deck will look like, what it will be able to hold, how long it will last, and how much it will cost.

Jarrah wood is a specific type of wood that is used to build many decks. The word “jarrah” itself comes from the aboriginal word meaning both “tree” and “timber”. Jarrah wood in particular has deep red and brown hues, reflecting the earthy tones of WA. As it is exposed to sunlight, jarrah wood will deepen in colour, making it look even better with time and age.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Jarrah Deck?

Jarrah wood is well-known for its durability and high weight capacity. It is particularly resistant to rot and insect damage, making it a prime resource for outdoor projects. Due to its relatively high density, jarrah wood also has increased fire resistance. With Australia’s heat and occasional heavy bout of rainfall, a deck has to be tough and durable to withstand all the seasons. This wood is particularly durable against these kinds of weather so it is an optimal choice for a deck. Jarrah wood is also one of the most common types of wood found throughout southwestern Australia, making it one of your best options when looking for jarrah decking in Perth.

On the aesthetic side of things, jarrah wood can have interlocked or wavy grains that range from a medium to coarse texture. This can give the wood a slightly patterned look. Jarrah wood can range from brown to brick-coloured, giving it tones similar to the landscape of WA. As time passes, jarrah wood will darken, giving your new deck darker tones.

If the new jarrah deck is well-maintained, your property value will likely go up. Not only will you enjoy your new deck but friends and family will like the way the deck looks with high-quality jarrah wood. With a deck, you can have more space to spend time with your family or you can grill a nice dinner and spend time outside relaxing after a hard day’s work.