Should You Buy a Ladder or Podium Steps?

If you need to work at heights, it’s important to do so safely and securely. Many homeowners invest in regular ladders because they are cheap and have been around for a long time. While they can certainly provide the reach that a person needs to access walls, the roof, and other areas of the home, there are alternatives that are actually safer.

The Problem with Regular Ladders

As cheap as they might be, regular step ladders are not always a good idea, especially if you need to access heights regularly. They are generally made of lightweight materials such as aluminium, and their structure means that they need to be held in place by an additional person for maximum safety. This is not always possible and it means that many ladder users are injured by falling.

The good news is that there are safer alternatives to traditional step ladders. Podium steps from the experts at Toptower offer a better and safer alternative that are even used by contractors, builders and tradespeople in their day-to-day work. So, why should you invest in podium steps instead, and do they provide any benefits are worth that investment?

Why Should You Use Podium Steps?

There are a number of benefits to using podium steps, including the following:

  • Free standing: Due to the way that they are designed and made, podium steps can be free standing. Unlike regular step ladders, they don’t need to lean against a wall or be held in place by another person. This makes them immediately safer because of their broad-base design and their stability.
  • Platform safety: Podium steps are like mini scaffolds in that they often include a platform. This means that they are not only safer to use, but can also have their height adjusted to suit working conditions.
  • Security: Podium steps with platforms also generally feature guard rails or chains around the platform. This means that a person can easily move around the platform without feeling insecure, even in somewhat windy conditions outdoors.
  • Mobile: Being made of lightweight materials, podium steps are easy to carry around and transport. Despite this mobility, they are much more stable than regular step ladders.

Staying Safe When Working

Whether you’re a builder, painter, homeowner, or tradesperson, safety and security when working at heights should be your number-one priority. The last thing that you want is to deal with a serious injury because your step ladder failed or was simply not safe enough to use. Podium steps offer a great alternative to step ladders and provide more durability, easy mobility, and excellent safety. This makes them ideal for working safely at heights.