Looking For In-Home Senior Care Services? Find More Here!

If you are busy and don’t want to leave your parents alone, you can consider in-home senior care services. in home care services can be broadly classified into two major categories. The first one is known as home health care, which is more about getting skilled assistance for medical needs. Basically, it’s like having a nurse at home, who would take care of the medicines, physical therapy and other treatment requirements. On the other hand, basic home care, which is the second option, is about the nonmedical services. This is more about offering companion care for the elderly, so that they can live a normal life with the minimal help that’s required. Below are some of the other aspects you need to know.

Services you can expect

In-home care services send their caregivers to your home to take care of your parents and assist them with their regular activities. They can do tasks like housekeeping, running errands, offering companionship for playing games, assistance with cooking and so on. Caregivers are also involved with personal care services, including assistance related to bathing, grooming, eating and dressing. If your parents need additional medication administration services, the concerned service may arrange for certified medication aides. Some of the in-home care services may help with the search for assisted living, as well.

Finding a service

The in-home care industry has evolved considerably in recent years. It is possible to hire someone for the job for a full-time basis, but that’s not an ideal or economic choice for everyone. Since you would be employing a caregiver, you have to take care of the insurance and other aspects too. There are in-home senior care services that offer contractual caregivers, but these are not trained professionals, and although the services are cheap, they don’t always offer the care you would expect for your parents. In many ways, the best choice is a company that has an in-house team of caregivers. The charges may vary, but for a genuine service, you can expect to pay more than $30 for an hour, which is the average in most cases.

Keep in mind that the wellbeing of your parents is at stake, and therefore, it is best to do some homework on the concerned in-home care service. Ask them about their caregivers and if they can offer dedicated assistance for your custom requirements. Get the prices in advance, and calculate the hours you need each week.