Look for Perfect Cleaning with the Virucide Cleaner

In order to prevent any risk of infection or contamination by viruses, fungi and bacteria, knowing how to recognize and have a deep sanitizing cleaning done is important. Not all cleaning techniques are created equal, especially when talking about disinfection and decontamination. In these times when the Covid-19 strikes the whole world, it is necessary to think of the good cleaning gestures in order to eliminate any doubt and any suspicion as for the probable contamination of surfaces bordering multiple individuals.

Definition of this practice

Bio-cleaning is above all a sanitation and cleanliness technique using a concrete process to clean and disinfect establishments sensitive to the proliferation of viruses or bacteria.

It is based on three characteristics: cleaning; rinsing; and disinfection. This method tends to eliminate microorganisms, viruses and bacteria from all surfaces. The agent in charge of this treatment will use compliant products such as detergent and disinfectant, as well as suitable equipment.

Cleaning is the crucial first step. It will eliminate visible dirt and non-visible microorganisms that have grown.

Rinsing, on the other hand, will expel the detergent from the surface and import with it the rest of the microorganisms that have mixed with the detergent’s biofilm.

Disinfection will make sure to finalize the elimination of any bacteria, fungus and virus that may have remained on the surface.

The techniques applied during this type of cleaning aim in particular to firstly prevent any transmission of bacteria or viruses. Because the first gesture to stay in good health is a disinfectant cleaning, this type of action proves essential in health establishments and public, but also during peaks of virus in any structure. The Ultra AX virucide cleaner is the perfect choice is such cases.

The different techniques

Today there are two different modes of bio-cleaning. The choice of technique will differ in terms of sensitivity to the risks of contamination by bacteria and viruses in the space to be cleaned.

The separation method: Each cleaning step is carried out separately and carefully. Washing of surfaces is carried out with detergent; rinsing the surfaces with clear water; then the disinfectant applied to all of the surfaces cleaned.

The 2in1 method: this practice is intended for places finding light to moderate risks of contamination. It promotes more flexible and concise cleaning, in just two steps: using a specially designed product made of detergent and disinfectant, the agent cleans and disinfects all at once; he will then rinse everything off with clean water.

The advantages of this type of cleaning

This cleaning service, operated by a disinfection company, is one of the safest ways to meet the requirements of limiting the spread of a virus such as COVID-19 or bacteria. It is not only a shock ally to ensure a healthy environment, but it is also the number one reflex that must be adopted when there is a risk of infection.

This cleaning process is, in fact, without risk to health, because it does not release any harmful or allergenic product into the environment for humans. It is still advisable to wear special equipment when it is applied by the cleaning agent.

Without damaging the exposed surfaces, it destroys as much as possible each microorganism in its path. Tartar deposited at the water points is also removed, eliminating the possible deposit of bacteria it contains.

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