How to Choose the Right Art Hanging System

When creating art in the home, you sometimes don’t know where to put it. Having a quality art hanging system can help you utilize your space more creatively and logically. Take your art from the floor and take put room on the wall. Here are some ways to pick the right art hanging system.


If you need art hanging systems for a gallery, a sawtooth method works best. You can screw the sawtooth hanger into the back of the picture frame, and it’ll hang straight onto a nail in the wall. The simple motif helps you get your gallery art together more efficiently.

The hooks are better for lightweight pieces, so it’s a good idea to create a mini-collage on the wall of some of your smaller prints. It’ll give you a unique look and feel that people gravitate towards as they peruse your art.

Security Hardware

The name says it all. If you need something to keep your pictures and art stable, this is something to consider. When you have heavier pieces, they’re more vulnerable to dropping on the ground. Whether you have kids at home, you live in a high-traffic area, or a gallery, you need something that’ll stay in place.

The great thing about security hooks is the component feature. It has one for the art and the other for the wall. You can fit them together to help lock the art on the wall.

A side bonus is that the locking mechanism helps to prevent art theft. Use security hardware when you intend to have the pictures and artwork up for a long time.

Picture Rails

Picture rails allow you to get more creative in how you present your pieces. You suspend your art with wires. Use a rod and attach it to the wall to hold your picture rail in place.

It presents a more in-your-face component to your art as you angle it differently than a piece that’s bolted down.


Maybe you like to add more character and versatility to your art. D-Rings are reliable for hanging up smaller pieces. However, you can use them with picture wire to support larger artwork.

Do your research on different D-Rings because each one holds different weights. Different sizes allow you to hang up smaller and larger pieces.

The ideal artistic display can help you create a unique and more personal vibe for your pictures.