Factors Affecting the Cost of Hairpin Table Legs

Many things influence the cost of Hairpin Table Legs. The most obvious factor is the material for manufacturing them, with steel being cheaper than wood or aluminium.

  1. Steel

The cost of steel Hairpin Table Legs is lower than the other two materials because a great amount can be created from recycled metal. They are extremely durable and have very long lifespans. The Hairpin Desk Legs can be powder coated in any color, so they can perfectly match the other furniture in your room.

  1. Wood

Wooden Hairpin Table Legs are the most beautiful type, but they also have a higher price tag. They require more time and care to be crafted and finished properly, which is why you’ll find them being used in high-end furniture.

  1. Aluminium

Aluminium Hairpin Table Legs are a good middle ground between steel and wood. They’re not as heavy as steel, but they’re more expensive than wooden legs. They also don’t rust like steel does, making them a good option for outdoor furniture.

Finally, other small factors such as finishing and extras can drive up or down the cost of Hairpin Table Legs. For instance, powder coating is less expensive than chrome plating, but the latter gives a much more polished look. Similarly, rubber feet are cheaper than metal ones, but the former can protect your furniture from scratches and scuffs.