Dumpster Rental Reviews – East Coast Dumpster Companies and the Cost to Rent

The average cost of renting a dumpster in the United States is more or less $500. The price may vary depending on the area you are living in. Garbage disposal container size, the services company you rent from or the local dump fees will have a significant impact on the cost of the dumpster rental.

The average cost for a rental dumpster

10 yards     $304

20 yards     $383

30 yards     $441

40 yards     $488

But the national average may have little to do with what the local price is. Listed below are some tips on how to get the best dumpster rental price in your area. In this article we will take a closer look at dumpster rental reviews.

Tip #1: Do go for national rental companies for a lower price. Support your local rental firms

First, it is imperative to know and understand that there are three different kinds of companies that provide rental services.

Locally-owned, independent dumpster services

Large and commercial garbage agencies like Republic Services or Waste Management

Out-of-state garbage brokers that book containers and pass the order to a local service provider

National dumpster services are equal to frustrating and expensive.

National companies like Waste Management or Republic Services are perfect for regular daily or a weekly collection of garbage in residential areas. For pickups along the curbside, they run a highly efficient operation with a very competitive price. But it is a different story for a temporary garbage container rental.

If you compare it to local and small disposal services, renting from more established companies can cost a lot more. According to a recent comparison between community service prices and big agencies like Waste Management’s price cost, on average, the cost of renting a 20-yard garbage container from big companies is a lot more expensive compared to local haulers. Local companies are more or less $200 cheaper.

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Large, national company rental costs compared to other rental companies

Along with excellent prices, community garbage retrieval services usually offer less hassle when you need customer services. A lot of these services are family-operated businesses. If you call in, you are usually talking to the business owners directly. Bug, national services can be more challenging – phone trees, talking to a state staff instead of the local employees and time holds – that can be very stressful.

Tip #2: Avoid brokers at all cost, especially those high-priced ones

Garbage disposal brokers look like community haulers, but they are usually out out-of-state middlemen that don’t own any dumpsters. They will take orders for dumping services at a high price – usually 10% to 20% higher than the local rate – and pass the requests to a local hauler, skimming extra costs off the top.

The unsuspecting contractor or homeowner is usually not aware that they booked their garbage disposal container with high-priced brokers or mediators and not the actual service provider. It can be very difficult for a lot of renters to know if they are getting the services of a broker or a legitimate local company.

One small hint, a lot of brokers have a toll-free telephone number like 877, 888 or 866 (not always the case). Dumpster brokers or go-betweens also used to present themselves as discount or budget haulers falsely. It is a big reason why you need to find honest garbage disposal service brokers.

In some places, local haulers just are not very accessible. Some local, smaller firms do not have a dedicated employee to answer their phones. The business owner is usually out delivering the garbage containers by themselves. A reputable intermediary or broker can be an excellent bridge for these companies.

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Tip #3: Call the companies for quotes, and you need to be prepared

Because a lot of factors can affect the actual price of the dumpster rental, it is usually necessary to compare every rate by directly calling the haulers. Calling them will also allow you to confirm the firm’s availability to deliver the size that you need and the date that you need them (usually availability is not given since most companies have a full schedule).

Talking to the garbage disposal company directly can provide some insight into the level of their service you will expect to receive. Listed below are some questions firms will ask you to make sure they can give you the service possible.

Do you know how big or small the container you need?

What kind of trash will you be putting in your disposal unit?

Where is your business or residence located?

When does the exact time you need the deliveries?

How long do you need garbage disposal units?

Listed below are some questions you need to ask the service providers to make sure you get your money’s worth.

How much of dumpster weight is included in the price?

What will happen if I will have excess weight?

How much does it cost per ton?

How many months, weeks or days are included in the rental period?

What will happen if we need to rent the unit for a more extended period?