Design A Useful Closet For Your Home

It may look like an easy deal to buy a ready-made closet for your home, but will it suffice your needs? Really? What if you are someone who has a fetish for shoes and has more pairs of shoes than jeans? Or maybe, you love collecting scarves or hats. Will a readymade closet understand your needs and accommodate your fancy items? Not really. For this, you need to design a useful closet that will meet your specific requirements.

While it may feel tempting to build a closet on any empty wall you see, first you need to consider whether you need it at all. What will be the contents of the closet? If you choose to design a closet based on how much hanging space you actually need, a small bedroom can also look spacious. This way you will also spend less money than building a full-size closet.

Getting organized is the key

Building a closet is all about getting organized so make sure you create separate closets for all items that can be hung together. If you have a group of similar items that can be hung together, then it’s worth creating a separate section for them. If you are hanging rods, make sure the top rods are high enough to have space between where the clothes end and the second rod. Take care of the ergonomics while designing your closet and come up with a practical design. No one wants to kneel down to find the scarves or bend to take out the summer shorts. The hangers and hooks should also be placed appropriately so that you can access them easily.

Be resourceful with your space

Drawers may seem like an essential part of the closet but let me tell you a secret. They take up more space and cost more than the value they offer. Try to be more resourceful with your space and cut down any wastage. Skip the drawers because if you have a bedside table or dresser, it can serve as storage for socks and undergarments. Many people tend to use the closet for storing a variety of things that they do not use any more. Avoid using the closet as a storage area for unused items and use it exclusively for keeping your shoes and clothes. Designing a storage section for shoes within the closet can also be tricky. If there’s not enough space available, you may not be able to keep all your shoes in the closet. You may consider keeping the frequently used shoes inside the closet and choose another storage space under the bed or somewhere else for extra shoes.

Be flexible!

Bring in some flexibility in your closet design so that you can swap your storage spaces depending upon the season. In summer, you may use the hanging rods to hang your shirts and blouses. The same hanging rods may be used to keep sweaters and jackets in the winter season. The off-season garments can be stored on the top shelves.

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