Adapting a Home for Someone with Mobility Problems

Mobility problems can be difficult to live with. Whether you have suffered an accident or injury that has caused a sudden loss of mobility, or you are simply getting older and finding you can’t get around as well, you may be wondering how to adapt your home. Home adaptions don’t have to mean a full renovation, here are some simple additions you can make.

Add a stairlift to your home

One of the biggest challenges that people face in their homes is the stairs. Getting up and down the stairs can be difficult when you have aches and pains, or even be dangerous, which is why it’s worth looking for stairlift supplier in Stow-On-Wold. Having a stairlift means you don’t need help getting between floors and can be more independent.

Add bathroom adaptions

Bathrooms are another area that can be difficult to negotiate as you lose your mobility. Some adaptions you may need to make include:

  • Adding a walk-in tub or shower
  • Adding a shower seat
  • Installing bars, so you can support your weight as you walk around
  • Placing non-slip mats on the floor

This means you can use the bathroom alone for as long as possible, and don’t need to rely on carers.

Some adaptions made to your home can make it a better place to live if you have mobility issues, ensuring you can enjoy your life and privacy, without needing full-time care. This can also help you avoid some of the most common household accidents that people with mobility issues face.