5 Tips For Getting Your House Painted Right

One step that generates the most expectation when designing a house is painting! The choice of colors, the combination of materials, everything has to be in perfect harmony so that the result is satisfactory, both in terms of beauty and quality. To help you get your home painted right, Oahu Pro Painters have come up with some practical and fundamental tips. Check out!

1 – Choose The Right Paint For Each Type Of Painting

It’s not enough to choose the colors you like best; to get the painting right, you need to buy suitable materials. The first step is to know that each area of ​​your home requires a different type of paint and material. Exterior painting on masonry does not use the same products as interior rooms; wood or iron surfaces also require a specific coating.

2 – Take Care Of The Details In The Interior Painting

Take care of the details in the interior painting and seek professional help. The internal rooms of the house also need special attention regarding the type of paint. Currently, the market offers unscented and water-based paint options that are better for indoor painting. But this shouldn’t be the only concern.

To start painting the interior, check the weather forecast, as a humid climate will make the paint last longer to dry, and the result may not be satisfactory. In the same way, arid and hot climates affect the painting because when spreading, the paint is not uniform, causing stains on the walls.

Another significant concern is the “mess” caused in the house. Floors should be well-lined with newspapers or cardboard. Baseboards, angles, and ceiling wheels need to be isolated with adhesive tape so that the paint on the walls and ceiling does not mark these areas.

3 – Study The Colors

As for the most suitable colors for each environment, it is good to be aware. Rooms ask for light tones; shades of blue and green are the most recommended, as they bring a feeling of tranquility and relaxation.

In the living room, gray is the color of the moment, and it is possible to combine light tones with a darker wall as long as it does not compromise natural lighting. In the leisure areas, dining rooms, and kitchen, warm and vibrant colors gain space and make the environment more relaxed and bolder. Don’t be afraid to be bold, and don’t go overboard in choosing a single color for the entire house. Study how each tone interferes with our sensations to ensure the family’s comfort.

4 – Attention To Finishing

The act of painting walls goes far beyond a can of paint and a roller of wool. The finishes demand attention, as they can compromise the final result. For example, a matte finish allows you to disguise possible defects on the surface, but it is more prone to accumulating dirt due to porosity. The semi-gloss or satin finishes are easier to clean and are more durable, despite making imperfections more visible. Take into account what is most relevant when choosing the type of finish.

5 – Look For A Trained Professional

In the new house that is receiving the first coat of paint, we recommend always relying on the work of professionals to avoid making mistakes. Seek directions, research, and understand the process, but put the task in charge of those who know the subject.

You can make all material, color, and finishing choices, but a well-done painting by the hands of a professional such as Painting Company In Pearl City, HI for example will bring you the satisfaction of getting it right and the joy of a new home the way you dreamed of.