5 Important Details to Keep in Mind

If you compare information recorded in the past corporate housing report and latest statistics, you will know that corporate housing investments are well-informed. Still, you also see that many are discovering optimized advertising as their main secret to success. Consider these 5 facts:

Fact Number One: Marketing Trends

Previous data suggested that “37 percent of respondents say they spent $500 or even more in their yearly advertising and marketing efforts”, and in Corporate Housing Rental Report 2016 that amount has really diminished, with the caveat that many owners signaled “they were satisfied with their outcomes than in previous years”. To put it differently, spending on advertising has left many miserable with the results (or lack thereof).

Fact Number Two: Marketing Resources

Roughly 80% state they had professional photographs taken of the corporate housing properties and 34% say that they have a dedicated site for their possessions — that the latter figure is down from prior years. This is because several have begun to rely on three crucial advertising and marketing tools, with corporate housing by owners since the preferred choice instead of the laborious and less successful dedicated website/social networking strategy.

Fact Number Three: Marketing Results

The vast majority of “by owner” landlords say that they utilize online advertisements/internet marketing for their corporate housing possessions. Many find the very best qualified prospects with corporate housing by owners (77 percent) in addition to getting the most tenants from online advertising.

Fact Number Four: Internet Reservations

The 2013 report spoke with the “by owner” section asking how they felt about real time booking reservations, where the corporate land is leased via a computer site along with the property owner doesn’t have any interaction with the renter. 23 percent of respondents say they’ve used these apps. But, it’s currently only 36% responding “no,” they’d not let their company property without speaking to the renter (down considerably from 48 percent in 2013).

Fact Number Five: Corporate Housing By Owner Services

Of those using the services provided by corporate housing by owner certified programs, many of them use the following tools most often:

Number One – Service documents page (this page provides important documents necessary for those in the corporate housing sphere).

Number Two – Background checks service

Number Three – The property listings service

Number Four – a property owner handbook

When doing your research and making important decisions regarding corporate housing this brief review of the Annual Corporate Housing Report will definitely be a helpful resource. It is important that you keep 5 facts in mind as explained above. Marketing trends must be weighed in the balance as well as the marketing resources. The marketing results are very telling and therefore must be considered.  Lastly, internet reservations and corporate housing by owners services are worthy of detailed review. All the data shows that corporate housing is an asset worthy of any company’s time and energy.