How to clean the kitchen quickly, competently and without much effort

Putting things in order in the apartment implies the need for cleaning in all rooms. At the same time, one of the most time-consuming activities is cleaning the kitchen. There are too many objects in this room that require cleaning and washing, therefore, out of habit, the process of creating cleanliness can take several hours.

Today we will tell you how to clean the kitchen with minimal time and effort. We will separately consider the cleaning of each section of the room, and at the end of the article we will talk about how to remove the smell in the kitchen – on your own or with the involvement of specialists.

How to clean the kitchen without unnecessary movements

You need to start cleaning by throwing away all unnecessary items (including all kinds of garbage and food with an expired shelf life). Then you need to empty the cabinets, refrigerator, microwave oven and clean them from the inside. In most cases, dust and dirt can be removed with a dry, soft cloth. If there is a dirty oven, then it can be washed with a special mixture (100 ml of water, a quarter cup of soda, 2 teaspoons of dish detergent). It is enough to apply the mixture on the inner surface of the oven and after a few minutes wash it off with a wet cloth.

You always need to be consistent. To do this, it is advisable to initially decide how to clean the kitchen (draw up a clear procedure), and then follow the points of the plan in the given order. This approach will allow you to correctly distribute the load and prevent repeated cleaning of certain products.

It is very important to wash all surfaces and outside. Particular attention should be paid to kitchen furniture (including countertops), household appliances (especially stoves) and window sills. Often just dusting them off is enough. Sometimes you need to treat with a cleaning agent. At the very end of the cleaning, you need to wash the floors. Alternatively, you can order cleaning of the apartment, and then the cleaners will do everything for you.

How to clean the sink in the kitchen

Before you start cleaning the sink, you need to empty it of dirty dishes (we previously talked about how to wash dishes). After that, you need to draw a little warm water into the container, add soda there, and then moisten a sponge in the solution and process the sink. To consolidate the result, it is necessary to lubricate the sink with vegetable oil. To prevent blockages, flush the drain with hot water (it is advisable to turn on the tap for at least 5 minutes).

Removing fat in the kitchen

As part of this event, we process all accessible surfaces stained with grease. How to do this, read the article on washing kitchen fronts. In short, we do not ignore any elements of the interior, otherwise you will have to clean them separately later. To achieve perfect cleanliness, we remove grease in the kitchen according to this method: we wipe all contaminated objects with a damp cloth, then apply soda and wipe off the grease. In most situations, these actions are enough to achieve the desired effect.

How to remove smell in the kitchen

Thinking about how to quickly clean the kitchen, you need to pay attention not only to the features of cleanliness, but also to the need to eliminate third-party odors. Next, we will describe how to remove the smell in the kitchen. Let’s form a list according to the “cause-effect” scheme:

  • Strong smell from cooking (cooked, burnt) food
  • Open the window or set the window sash to the ventilation mode.
  • Bad smell from refrigerator. Throw out expired products
  • Pour a little soda into a saucer, wrap with cling film and, after making small holes, put it in the refrigerator for a while. The smell will soon disappear.
  • Bad smell from trash can
  • Take out the trash, wash the bucket and treat it with a disinfectant. Then air out the kitchen.
  • Mold smell
  • Install a good new hood, remove mold and prevent its occurrence.

After cleaning the surfaces, you can treat them with a small amount of essential oil. Such an act will allow you to spread a pleasant unobtrusive smell around the room and cheer up people who enter the kitchen.

How to remove the smell from the sink in the kitchen

If the “aroma” comes directly from the sink, it is enough to wash it thoroughly. How exactly to do this is written in the section “How to clean the sink in the kitchen.” If the smell is coming from the drain, then the most reasonable solution would be to call a qualified plumber. After cleaning the elements of the drainage system, the problem will become irrelevant. Of course, you can try to figure out on your own how to remove the smell from the sink in the kitchen, but the plumber will complete this task faster and better.