How courier industry can revolutionize itself post Covid-19 chaos

Though Covid-19 chaos has landed all of us into global recession, there are two industry that are badly hit by it—the logistics and the courier industry.

As we all become accustomed to the world of social distancing, sharing goods from far off places is still not welcomed by most people. Though brands and companies have opened worldwide shipping, people still aren’t very much open to the idea. Logistics parks in India are waiting to be used to full potential and managers are waiting for the time when everything gets back to normal.

Before the outbreak of the pandemic, the coming years were expected to revolutionise the courier industry like never before’ at least in India. Well, this can still be true if sanitization and precautions are given the topmost priority.

Most of the modern warehouse spaces in Pune, Delhi, Mumbai and other major locations in India, like Indospace, are about to witness technological advancements that are currently a subject of testing and will be implemented soon.

As things slowly get back to normal, the managers at both logistics and delivery services should make themselves prepared for the time when they will have to deal with the surge of orders.

Here are few changes that should be applied to revolutionize the sector.  

Own-Brand Delivery Service

Big brands and e-commerce companies, which need rapid logistical help, choose to go for third party courier services. But there are speculations in the market that large e-commerce companies are building their own courier services to cope up with the increasing demand. This move is being made to cut off the third-party services as they may not be effective in such rush of demands. Also, having an own-brand delivery service helps cut costs, make deliveries on time and keep legitimate accounting.

Same Day Delivery

This service is part of the logistics industry since a long time and it uses the network of close-knit warehouses and hubs to do so. This is available mostly in Tier-1 and some of the Tier-2 cities. The e commerce companies are trying to improve on this and therefore would like to implement same day delivery in most of the two-tier cities. They are also aiming to have express cargo delivery systems to try and deliver packages in the smallest time window possible.

Drone Deliveries

Deliveries through drones have been the talk of the town since a long time and soon will be made possible as well. A remote-controlled device, unmanned device, which hovers over the traffic to reach its destination, is a dream come true. Drones have not failed to raise many eyebrows and the administration thinks that this might not be a very authentic and safe way of delivery. Many have speculated that this might lead to loopholes in the security of the city. On the other hand, customers have accepted this change with open arms and are willing to pay more for the fastest mode of delivery.

Automated Parcel Terminals

Parcel terminals have been tried and tested before in 2014 and may make the way in future to reduce manpower in this service. These terminals have the facility to collect cargo and dispatch cargo at a fixed place where people can get it through a unique tracking ID. This would save time for them as they won’t have to wait for hours for the executive to come and deliver the items or collect it in case of a return.

The future is always uncertain and we can never know what might come up. With changing technologies and demographics, it is high time managers rise up to the demand of bringing change to the existing system.