Do Your Lights Work?

Because of the use of various electronics, residents need to make sure that their homes are well equipped for security and lighting. If your home’s wiring is older, you need to have it checked. It may not be able to handle the load of your appliances and computers. You should also use the services of an electrical professional if you want to secure your home with cameras and an alarm.

What Are Your Wiring Needs?

By using the services of an electrician in South Yarra, you can get a number of electrical projects completed simultaneously. Choose a fully qualified electrician who can install the wiring for home renovations, security upgrades, and exterior lighting. That way, all your lighting needs can be met with one service provider.

You may now suspect that you need new wiring. If so, you cannot waste any time having an electrical check and upgrade performed. If you do not replace the wiring that is taking on too much of a load, you can set your home up for an electrical fire. Don’t compromise your safety in this respect. Contact an electrical company and have your wiring examined.

Can Your Home Handle the Current Electrical Load?

If your home is 30 years or older or was built before 1985, the electrical wiring could be outdated and old. If this is the case for you, you need to contact an electrical contractor immediately. If you are having trouble with tripping breakers or blowing fuses, these are sure signs that you need to replace your wiring. By contacting an electrician, he or she can make the needed adjustments so your home can meet its electrical demand.

If you depend on extension cords a good deal, you do not have enough outlets. Ask an electrician to add more outlets so you do not have to constantly rely on the cords. Also, if your lights regularly flicker or dim, your wiring needs to be updated now and not later. If the outlets are stained or discoloured, it relates to power surges. When this happens, your home is at an increased risk for fire.

Aluminium Wiring Leads to an Increased Fire Risk

Some older homes contain aluminium wiring that was installed between the mid-60s and early 70s. Contactors added this wiring product because it was cheaper than copper. However, if your home features aluminium wiring, you should replace it with copper as copper is a much better conductor of electricity. That is why it is often used for electrical wiring. Plus, copper does not corrode. Even if copper is exposed to a bad environment, it usually lasts about 40+ years.

When the wiring used to conduct electricity is not made of copper, you soon find out why copper is a preferred choice for electrical wiring. Aluminium features a high electrical resistance, which makes it difficult for electricity to flow through the wiring. As a result, a home wired with aluminium will experience more electrical losses. That is why the risk associated with aluminium wiring is high, especially in this electronic-heavy world.

Do you believe that your home needs to be upgraded electrically? If so, you need to make sure that all your needs are met along these lines. Take time now to arrange an inspection with an electrical contractor in your community.