Bathroom Renovation: 5 Steps to Take

If you are considering a bathroom revamp, this article was written with you in mind; as we aim to break down the project into stages, which will help you to realise the final outcome. Here is our list of steps to take when planning a bathroom renovation.

  1. Calculate your Budget – If you were thinking to simply design the room then cost the project, you are advised to think about your budget first, then try to work to that figure. Otherwise, you might get a nasty shock when your dream bathroom is finished. If you have a firm figure in mind when you approach a bathroom renovation company, this will save some time, as the contractor will want to know your intended budget from the outset.
  2. Scope the Project – Decide exactly what will be removed/replaced and what will be incorporated into the new layout, then you can list the materials and start checking prices. If you are planning a complete refit from ceiling to floor, this is a major project, while retiling the wall and replacing the bath with a shower would be a simpler goal.
  3. Asking for Quotes – Unless you happen to be a DIY wizard, you will need to talk to a couple of bathroom renovation contractors and if you have no design concept in mind, ask the professional for a few layout ideas. You should get the feeling that you are the centre of the universe with a good small builder who is client focused and if you feel good about a particular outfit, go with your gut feeling. Bathroom renovation cost can vary, so do invite a few companies to quote for the project.
  4. Approving the Concept – Once the contractor has put together a layout drawing and you are happy with everything, it’s time to get the ball rolling and the contractor would require some form of advance payment, plus he should put together a detailed written proposal that includes every aspect of the project, with a bottom-line price that is all-inclusive.
  5. Handing Over the Bathroom – The final stage is when the contractor invites you to inspect the finished project and this is the time to pay attention to detail and mention any minor aspect, which would be resolved. Of course, the contractor would issue a warranty on their workmanship and should there be any issues in the coming days, simply give them a call.

If you follow the above steps, your new bathroom will soon become reality and you can start thinking about the kitchen for next year.